Paddle, Surf, Music and Water


An Epic Paddle not far from the Riviera with 35-45 knots wind featuring, Le Matraqueurs, RoloCrazyShitBaldHead, DJ Stupid, and The Transporteur, in this too saturized world who came from our futur…..along with the finest soundtrack

Series N*7 – Clinic

Series N°7, Millers Run, Cape Town, with voice over with Mocke Bro, Tom, Kenny Rice…and the seal…


Line of Miller run pimped by Dawid and Nikki Mocke

Paddling with European Old Guard

A few stroke with Tommy Karls, Sweden, and Roland Lebeau, France, at very low peace, 120fr/s…..

Series Paddling with….

Series Paddling with….bring you with top paddlers, here with Aussi crew, Tim Jacobs, Cory Hill, and Mark Anderson






Go Pro 3, slow motion, 120i/s, transferred with cinema tool to 29, up to 4k color correction

By the cap the movie

A film about Cape town, surf ski, people and movies

Downwind Masterclass with Dawid Mocke N°3

Downwind Masterclass with Dawid Mocke N°3 : Use your momentum

Downwind Masterclass with Dawid Mocke N°2

Downwind Masterclass with Dawid Mocke N°2 : Get your nose in the hole

Downwind Masterclass with Dawid Mocke N°1

Downwind Masterclass with Dawid Mocke N°1: The run is always in front of you

Magic Funky Millers Run

A test of what you can expect in Cape Town if you plan to paddle Downwind from Miller to Fish Hoek, you can spot the light house


10 days in mid February on the French Riviera, with sun and amazing downwind condition, hope you’ll enjoy as we did.



I concentrated on one run on screen from 3 runs in reallity , from surfski race in Brittany, with average conditions, 1.5m swell, 15-20noeuds wind, 2 in board camera, one with Joep Van Bakel winner of the race.


  • Constance That road Tot ou tard 2011
  • Kanka   Zokia-One Dub  Hammerbass 2011
  • Bot’ox Theme from mineur 27  I’m a cliche 2011
  • La Roux Colourless color Universal Music 2009
  • Wax Taylors Sit and Listen  Atmospherique 2009

Surfski Fenn, first downwind paddle.

I was very please with my Epic V10, very good in surf and easy to paddle with, but in Flat to medium condition it stick on water, I’m please with this move to a Fenn Elite, but much more demanding in term of fitness and balance.

Ocean Outrigger Race 2010

Each 15th August, the small but well know village of Guethary, is the center of outrigger and va’a, a laps around the well know parlementia, and its powerful wave who can stand up to 15 feet

Of course the 15th of August is bank Holiday, you can enjoy as well, Barbecue, firework, and local culture.

Surf Ski Tahiti Race

A serie from a Tahiti Surf-ski calendar

YouTube Preview Image