Paddle, Surf, Music and Water


An Epic Paddle not far from the Riviera with 35-45 knots wind featuring, Le Matraqueurs, RoloCrazyShitBaldHead, DJ Stupid, and The Transporteur, in this too saturized world who came from our futur…..along with the finest soundtrack

Series N*7 – Clinic

Series N°7, Millers Run, Cape Town, with voice over with Mocke Bro, Tom, Kenny Rice…and the seal…


Line of Miller run pimped by Dawid and Nikki Mocke

Paddling with European Old Guard

A few stroke with Tommy Karls, Sweden, and Roland Lebeau, France, at very low peace, 120fr/s…..

Series Paddling with….

Series Paddling with….bring you with top paddlers, here with Aussi crew, Tim Jacobs, Cory Hill, and Mark Anderson






Go Pro 3, slow motion, 120i/s, transferred with cinema tool to 29, up to 4k color correction

By the cap the movie

A film about Cape town, surf ski, people and movies

Downwind Masterclass with Dawid Mocke N°3

Downwind Masterclass with Dawid Mocke N°3 : Use your momentum

Downwind Masterclass with Dawid Mocke N°2

Downwind Masterclass with Dawid Mocke N°2 : Get your nose in the hole

Downwind Masterclass with Dawid Mocke N°1

Downwind Masterclass with Dawid Mocke N°1: The run is always in front of you

Magic Funky Millers Run

A test of what you can expect in Cape Town if you plan to paddle Downwind from Miller to Fish Hoek, you can spot the light house


10 days in mid February on the French Riviera, with sun and amazing downwind condition, hope you’ll enjoy as we did.


Trip to Marocco

For the 3 time I’m tripping to Marocco, this time I land to Marrakech, and with day wit ha friend of mine in the medina, beautiful place, then drive off to the coast, 100km north of Agadir, unfortunately no big swell, couple of days 2m in a bay.

The trip

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The fisherman Village

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Gateway to Chrotal Beach

Waveski world Tour 2008, French championship 2008, Trip to Grand Chrot-Cap Ferret. Away from London for one month , I meet some friends for the World Waveski Tour 2008, the swell is there as expected.



Surf Ski Tahiti Race

A serie from a Tahiti Surf-ski calendar

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Natural Reefing Trip

On a music from AIR, track La femme d’argent, I reused all the off cut from divers editing during my Trip to Tahiti January 2007

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Tahiti-Expert Trip

North of Tahiti, 1/2 drive from Papeete a beautiful beak at a River mouth look by yourself the quality of this wave


The very Famous Teahupoo  2m-2.5m, I didn’t surf, first hours, one ears blow, and 2 boards snaps.

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Sapinus, reef not too far from Papeete one wave drag me down and touch the reef, the second day, see my board, during 10 days, I film

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Tapuna, well know reef off from Carrefour Supermarket, the last section who can close up, beware…

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A bus tour in Tahiti…..

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Road Trip to France

After 2 years in London, I’m driving back to France for a month Holiday, surf from North Gironde to Basque Country

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